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Lincolnshire's Roger Welberry: "What we can do to tackle Climate Change"

Last week was National Tree Week, there is on going debates about Climate Change, and Co2 emissions.

So, it seems quite topical to write about what Lincolnshire, and our local area is doing to help the situation.

Planting more trees is one of the ways. The return of grasslands is an important role in the carbon cycle.

Roger Welberry (15661241)
Roger Welberry (15661241)


The humus in the soil supports millions of earthworms per hectare which help to carry organic detritus deep down.

One hectare of old floodplain pasture may contain over 300 tonnes of carbon.

Over 10,000 hectares of lowland peat soils remain in Lincolnshire; The Witham valleys, Fens at Stickney, the Deeps, the Fen Edge from the River Welland to the River Slea.

Unfortunately, the peat soils are disappearing fast, it is expected that most surface peat soils outside special preservation areas will only last another 30-40 years.

Willow Tree Fen (114 ha) near us is a relatively new nature preserve.

The preserve isbeingtransformed from former arable fields into historic Wetland Habitat of shallow meters.

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