Wildcats poised to take to stage

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Members of the Wildcats class from Spalding are currently rehearsing for their part in the big Wildcats show on Sunday June 30.

The group, which meet every Monday at St Norbert’s Primary School, has been working hard over the past two months on its piece for the show, which is held at The Cresset theatre, Peterborough and is a culmination of work by Wildcats classes across the area.

As well as doing songs and dances, the group has been learning how to prepare for a show – including stage direction, using microphones and how to come on and off stage.

Caz Dolby, owner of Wildcats, said: “The Spalding Wildcats are a fantastic example of what can be achieved if you work hard.

“All members of the mini and junior groups have been incredibly committed in attending class and learning their lines and this will be reflected in their performance at the show.”