WHY YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR ME TODAY: Voyteck Kowalewski (Labour)

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We ask the parliamentary hopefuls for South Holland and the Deepings to say why you should put your X against their name in the General Election later today (Thursday).

I was born and raised in Poland. In 1982, I joined a French company and was posted to Iraq. I then worked for them in Kuwait and in Dubai before transferring to their London office in 1998. My wife and I moved from West Sussex to Moulton Chapel in June 2006. The village has been our home since and I am very proud of becoming a British Citizen.

Since my early years, I have been fascinated with the history of the United Kingdom and its role in shaping the world of today.

However, in our country, the fifth biggest economy in the world, 8.4 million people struggle to put enough food on the table. More than three million children are living below the poverty line. After seven years of austerity measures, real wages and living standards continue falling, public services keep shrinking, the NHS is underfunded, classes in schools are oversized, roads are crumbling, whilst national debt has grown to £1.73 trillion.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We want Britain to work for all, not for a privileged few. We want a Britain where no one is left behind and all have a chance to succeed.

In our manifesto, the Labour Party has set a bold vision for a fairer Britain. Our economy will work for the many, not the few. We will create the National Education Service - a project comparable with the NHS. We will work towards a fairer, more equal society. It is perhaps the most ambitious vision for Britain since Clement Attlee’s government of 1945.

We will make sure that a Brexit deal will work for all of us in Britain and we will protect peoples’ rights and freedoms brought in by EU law.

I am standing in the parliamentary elections because I want to help realise this vision of a better, fairer country. Together, we will ensure that:

Every child has free access to world-class education and adults free access to learning that can transform and improve their lives;

NHS and social care are adequately funded and efficiently managed;

There is no place for poverty and homelessness. Environment is protected so that future generations enjoy good quality of life and quality infrastructure is provided, attracting investment and job creation. Safety and security is the top priority. Guided by these ideals, I want to serve you and our country.