WHY YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR ME TODAY: Rick Stringer (Independent)

Rick Stringer
Rick Stringer
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We ask the parliamentary hopefuls for South Holland and the Deepings to say why you should put your X against their name in the General Election later today (Thursday).

Making Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance illegal:

For too long, people have been reducing their tax bill by claiming for dodgy rain forests and even dodgier movies. This idea could raise an extra 20 billion a year and help plug the gap in the public finances

Bringing Back Conscription:

The current recruitment campaign has been a disaster for the forces. The Salvation Army is now more than twice the size of the British Army. No one can be sure what threat we will face in the future. National Conscription to be served in the military or supporting the care sector, which also has massive recruitment problems.

Education – Failing Schools:

Instead of tens of thousands of teachers doing the same lesson prep’, we get the person voted best in their subject by their peers to produce a dvd with the lesson on. Students would then have the advantage of instant recap if they struggle to master the subject.

Titan-style Prisons:

When Jack Straw was Home Secretary, he proposed building three Titan-style prisons. He ran out of cash. What I am proposing is we go ahead and build these prisons in say Sri Lanka (for example) and pay for them out of the Foreign Aid budget. Sri Lanka is struggling to rebuild its economy after their long-running civil war.

No one charged with murder to be released on bail

To help the crackdown on organised crime, making gang membership illegal

Brexit , Roulette more like!

It is like we have picked up a revolver with 28 chambers in. 27 have bullets in and one is empty. We have spun the chamber, put the gun to our heads, pulled the trigger and hoped we have the chamber with no round in! It ain’t gonna happen.

I support another referendum on the deal.