Nicola Jane Smith, UKIP
Nicola Jane Smith, UKIP
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We ask the parliamentary hopefuls for South Holland and the Deepings to say why you should put your X against their name in the General Election later today (Thursday).

I believe we need UKIP in parliament to ensure we get the Brexit we all voted for and have a strong voice, to get the deal we want, as Conservatives are untrustworthy.

I would like to see more opportunity for young people to get work in the agriculture and food processing industries, with more training offered at local colleges for this important industry.

I would also like to be the voice for local pensioners, as the Conservatives manifesto worries me, in relation to their proposals for social care, with the value of your house being included in your assets, this will dictate the care you can receive.

Relatives will also have to become carers and this will put more pressure on hard working families and people in their retirement having to look after their elderly relatives, so no long holidays or cruises for them!

I am well aware of the pressures on this constituency, as I have spent the last four years as a Lincolnshire county councillor and would, if elected as your MP, work hard to ensure more funding from central government was allocated to this rural area.

I have lived in Lincolnshire for 17 years and my three children have all grown up in this wonderful county. They don’t want to leave, so we must ensure there is decent jobs and housing for them in this region.’