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Heartbroken Holbeach family question how anyone could shoot their cat

A heartbroken family is questioning how someone could fire a gun at their beloved cat.

Carla Bates (34) returned home from work with teenage children Noah (14) and Faith (12) to find their cat Roxy collapsed on their doorstep of their Holbeach home.

They immediately rushed her around to the South Lincs Vets Group fearing that she had been clipped by a car but later received the devastating news that she had in fact been shot.

Carla Bates with her cat Roxy, who was shot in Holbeach (46404144)
Carla Bates with her cat Roxy, who was shot in Holbeach (46404144)

After racking up a £600 bill for x-rays and overnight care, Roxy is now on bedrest for 10 days before Miss Bates has to made the decision on whether to ampute her affected leg.

She said: “What happened to Roxy is not an accident. Someone has made the choice to fire at my innocent cat. It is not fair as her life is now going to be completely different because of that choice.

“How could someone do that?

Carla Bates with her cat Roxy, who was shot in Holbeach (46404142)
Carla Bates with her cat Roxy, who was shot in Holbeach (46404142)

“I am broken because they made that choice. She is part of our family.”

The family, who are living temporarily in Cranmore Lane, found Roxy waiting by their front door at 3.35pm on Monday.

Miss Bates, who is an administrator, said: “She was covered in blood at her back end and dragging her legs and collapsing as she couldn’t support herself.”

Roxy is recovering at home in Holbeach (46501978)
Roxy is recovering at home in Holbeach (46501978)

They rushed her to the Holbeach surgery where they conducted blood tests but Miss Bates then had to make the difficult decision of either putting Roxy to sleep or finding £600 to fund the x-ray treatment.

After an hour’s deliberation - which included turning away offers of help as Miss Bates did not feel comfortable doing that - she went ahead with the treatment and rushed Roxy over to the Sutterton Hospital.

At 10.45pm, the vets called her to say that a metal pellet had been found in Roxy’s pelvis and that she has suffered some neurological damage.

Miss Bates said: “She is an innocent cat and has done nothing wrong.”

Roxy returned home to her family on Tuesday evening and is adapting to her new way of walking. She does have a mark on her leg.

Miss Bates has reported this incident to the police.

This incident with Roxy follows reports of cats being poisoned in the Holbeach area last year. She said: “I have been contacted by the police and I am pleased that they are taking it seriously. The officer is going door to door and checking CCTV.”

- Contact police on 101 quoting incident number 91 of April 20.

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