Why we support Fairtrade charity

Fairtrade at work ANL-140319-112635001
Fairtrade at work ANL-140319-112635001
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High Life by students of Spalding High School

Fairtrade is a charity which ensures fair prices, good working conditions and sustainability for produce providers.

The National Space Centre ANL-140319-104943001

The National Space Centre ANL-140319-104943001

They work in LEDCs (Less Economically Developed Countries) to ensure that farmers are paid the right price for their produce.

Examples of goods traded by this charity include chocolate, coffee, tea, fruit and cotton. Goods are always labelled with the Fairtrade logo and are conveniently found in supermarkets and at smaller retailers.

This enables the consumer to choose whether they wish to support this worthwhile charity with the knowledge that the farmers who grew the produce have been given a fair price to enable them to afford education for their families and small scale developments for their villages.

Projects run by Fairtrade include improvements to schools and hospitals and installation of clean water sources. Fairtrade therefore does not only benefit the producer but the wider community. It is for these reasons that Spalding High School chooses to support the Fairtrade charity by holding a stall selling chocolate and cookies every week.

This links in well with the ethos of the school in supporting valuable causes and furthers our learning and understanding of problems across the globe.

On Friday the Fairtrade committee held a fair trade cafe selling an array of delightful home made and Fairtrade produce as well as tea and coffee in order to raise money for this charity.

In doing so this also helped to raise awareness within the school community and left the library buzzing with eager and hungry customers who, for a small donation, could enjoy a Fairtrade delicacy or delicious snack.

Hopefully the Fairtrade cafe has provided a fun and enjoyable way of supporting a global charity which has a great impact in the lives of less fortunate people.

It is a hugely worthwhile cause, so next time you go shopping, look out for the logo!

Visit to National Space Centre

Students from year eight travelled to Leicester to visit the National Space Centre.

This formed part of a whole school enrichment and enhancement STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) programme being promoted this March to offer pupils the opportunity to consider the diversity of careers available through studying an area of technology.

The trip included touring the interactive exhibitions on topics such as the use of modern technology and communication, modern materials and the work of designers.

There were also extraordinary exhibits on the planets of the solar system and the development of space travel, complete with actual rockets housed in the centre’s 42 met-re-high rocket tower.