Why Magna Carta is important to us in South Holland

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Lord Cormack, who is giving the talk next Thursday, says the Magna Carta established certain principles that have become part of the constitution, such as the right to trial by jury and to our right to justice.

He says: “It’s the foundation of the rule of law in our country and, in many people’s opinion, the most important constitutional document in our history.”

It was issued by King John on June 15, 1215, and then cancelled by the Pope; re-introduced in 1217 and again in 1225, forming the bedrock of our constitution.

Following a £20 million restoration, Lincoln Castle has been re-opened. It contains a special vault which is the permanent home for Lincoln Cathedral’s copy of the Magna Carta, to be opened on June 8.

There are just four original copies of the Magna Carta: one is being borrowed from the National Archives for the exhibition and the other is Lincoln Cathedral’s 1215 copy.

There is an entry charge to the castle and to the Cathedral – a joint ticket, valid for six months, is available.

Lincolnshire’s Great Exhibition runs from June 27 to September 27 and is open every day of the week (10am-5pm), entry free.