‘Why is boy who did this with a pen still in school?’

Diane Virden with her son, Stuart, who still has bruising from pen injury.
Diane Virden with her son, Stuart, who still has bruising from pen injury.
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A Spalding mum is appalled the teenager who “stabbed” her son with a pen has not been expelled from school.

Diane Virden told the Free Press she has been forced to remove her son from one of his favourite classes at Sir John Gleed School, where the “bullying incident” happened, because she fears it could happen again.

Stuart (14), who is studying for his GCSEs, now sits in the library “missing out on his education”.

Mrs Virden said: “The boy who stabbed my 14-year-old son was only given a three-day exclusion.

“The pen went through his school blazer and his shirt and two weeks later you can still see the bruising.

“Whether the child responsible is 14 or older he should be made to pay for his crime. I can’t believe he wasn’t expelled.

“I’ve removed Stuart from the class where he was stabbed because that’s the only way I can protect him.

“But now he’s sitting in isolation and missing out on his education. It shouldn’t be him being punished over this.

“When Stuart was stabbed he was treated by the school nurse and they did a good job here. He tried to put on a stiff upper lip and went straight back to class and every day he tries hard to get over it.

“But the taunting is still going on and I can’t help worrying.

“You send your children to school and you hope they are safe – you don’t expect this.”

Mrs Virden said she has reported the school, already in special measures, to Ofsted, written to MP John Hayes and called on the police to take action.

Acting headteacher Will Scott said: “I cannot comment on individual students or incidents.

“However, I can confirm that Sir John Gleed School operates a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to bullying throughout the school.

“We are committed to providing a school where everyone feels safe and happy and have robust policies and procedures in place to manage accusations and incidences of bullying.

“We work swiftly and decisively within these policies to ensure students are dealt with effectively and involve parents and carers throughout the process to ensure that sanctions regarding incidents of bullying are in place quickly and that solutions are put in place to eliminate repeat activity.”

A police spokesman said: “An incident of alleged bullying was reported to us by the parent of a 14 year-old boy, who was injured by a pen.

“It was not a stabbing and, as the incident took place within school hours and on school premises, it is being dealt with by staff under normal school policy.”