‘Why has nothing been done about death trap?’

Danger road
Danger road
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A motorist says it is a miracle he is still alive after his car catapulted into the air across a field in Spalding like “a scene from TV’s Dukes of Hazard” .

Malcolm Garrard was on his way to visit family in Pinchbeck when his sat nav took him along a stretch of the old B1173 Cowbit Road, near the A16 bypass.

Mr Garrard, of Northampton, said: “It was a foggy night and I was on my way to my parents’ home in Pinchbeck.

“The sat nav took me down a lane and I’d probably picked up speed to 40mph when I suddenly ran out of road and was flying in the air and bouncing across a field.

“When I got out I saw I had narrowly missed some posts. I drive an Alfa Romeo – it’s Italian and like paper.

“At that moment it definitely felt like I’d had a near-death experience. It’s a miracle I’m still alive.”

Mr Garrard said his car has since been written off, but in investigating the road he said he was shocked to see an article in the Spalding Guardian from two years asking the same question.

The report featured Cowbit resident Ed Mitchell who claimed over three weeks, cars, lorries and even an ambulance had been stuck in a “bog” on the stretch of road.

Mr Mitchell said there were signs but accidents were still happening. He said: “The first couple of times I saw it, I thought it was funny. But then I saw another four cars stuck there, as well as a HGV and an ambulance.”

Mr Garrard said: “I can’t believe after all this time nothing has been done. The guy who towed me out said cars are still getting stuck down there.

“I felt I had to call you (the Spalding Guardian), because I couldn’t live with myself if someone got killed.”

A spokesman for Lincolnshire County Council said signs warning about the no-through road had been in place on the A1175 and A16 since since 2010, when work was underway to build the A16 bypass.

The spokesman said: “Obviously in this case there were some other factors too, like fog and the satnav and, as always, we’d encourage people to drive to conditions and make sure their satnavs are updated so they have the latest info about any changes to the road network.”