Why Gary chose to live 
on 50p a day

Plain potato: Gary lived on a potato and rice diet.
Plain potato: Gary lived on a potato and rice diet.
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A tough five days of reusing a single tea bag and eating sandwiches without any filling has been endured by the manager of Spalding’s Oxfam shop.

Gary Peatling has been ‘living below the line’, a challenge to survive on just £1 a day for all his food and drink.

Only Gary came in 50 per cent under budget with his total spend each day rarely totalling more than 50p.

At the end of the week he said he’s learned he can survive on simple things such as potato and plain bread.

He said: “A lot of things we eat are not as good as we think and we don’t need as much as we think we do.

“There are more people ill in the world as a result of obesity than malnutrition.”

Gary found doing laborious tasks toughest on his strict budget diet and went to bed early every night but said “that’s typical of how those in poverty feel every day at 

Gary said he took part to raise awareness of those who live on £1 every day for everything, not just food and drink, but also set a fund raising target of £100. He was delighted to beat it and raise £151.77.

Oxfam said over £500,000 has been raised for the charities supporting Live Below the Line this year.

Now Gary’s thinking of running the Seabank Marathon in June but first he’s going to enjoy a coffee and cake – the things he missed most.

An ‘extreme poverty line’ was set by The World Bank 
and has sat at £1 a day since 2005.

Anyone who survives on less than this amount per day is considered to live in extreme poverty.

Over 1.2 billion people live below it.

Live Below The Line was started by The Global Poverty Project, an organisation committed to battling extreme poverty.

Thousands of people in the UK, USA and Canada have taken part in the five-day challenge to raise funds and awareness.