‘Who were my folks?’ asks abandoned Chris

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THERE is an enormous gap in Chris Lewis’s life history – he knows nothing about his parents, other than that they abandoned him in Spalding when he was two hours old.

Now Chris (60), who lives in Leicester, is hoping readers may be able to help fill in some of the missing pieces of his life for him.

“I would just like to know who they were and what they were,” says Chris, who made headlines in these newspapers at the end of 1951 after being found abandoned near the doorway of a pea factory at the back of Spalding railway station on December 17.

The baby – described as “a chubby little boy” weighing 8lb 9oz – was found by a woman called Frances Wallis as she returned to her home from posting Christmas cards. She heard a whimper and found baby Christopher in a raffia basked, wrapped in a torn piece of blanket.

Police took the baby to Johnson Hospital, where he was briefly named Christopher Moses and then Christopher Johnson, and then taken to what the newspaper called a “nursing home”.

Chris was subsequently adopted by a family in Leicester and only discovered the full details of his early days within the past couple of weeks after requesting his paperwork from the adoption agency.

“My mother was never found, although they looked for her,” says Chris, who has been married for 34 years and has seven children of his own.

“I just got the full papers from the adoption agency and, apart from the details about me being fostered until the adoption was sorted out, there is nothing. There is the police report from when they found me, and judging from that they made extensive inquiries, but nothing came of it.

“It’s just trying to get closure and to know where I came from.

“It’s a never-ending story for me and I can’t draw a line under it. I don’t know anything.

“I don’t know if I have brothers and sisters. It would be nice to know that. There must be someone that knows a bit more.”

Contact jean.hodge@jpress.co.uk or ring 01775 765443 with information that could help Chris.