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South Holland and The Deepings candidates answer your questions

Candidates who hope to be representing South Holland and the Deepings in Parliament are answering your questions.

Martin Blake (Green) Sir John Hayes (Con), Davina Kirby (Lib Dem), Mark Popple (Lab) and Rick Stringer (Ind) are all hoping to be next MP for this area.

The country is preparing for the first winter election in around 100 years when we all go to the polls on Thursday, December 12.

General election (23131011)
General election (23131011)


In the run-up to the election, we have asked readers to send in questions which we have put to the candidates.

Today's question is from Rodney Sadd: "Like me, would you like to see a fairer deal for Lincolnshire as I think we are the forgotten county and how would you get fairer funding?"

We are publishing the candidates responses alphabetically.

Mr Blake said: "All local authorities are suffering as a result of the policies of the current government. Since 2010, over £50 billion has been slashed from council budgets, with devastating effects on local communities.

"The funding formula used by central government does not fully take into account the additional costs of providing services in rural areas, or that deprivation is more widely, hence thinly, spread amongst pockets of affluence. Lincolnshire is not alone in rural counties in receiving a raw deal.

"The Green Party will increase funding to councils by £10 billion a year, and give them additional freedoms, e.g. to determine their own level of planning fees; at present council tax payers are effectively subsidising developers to the tune of £200 million per year."

The next response is from Sir John.

He said: "Rural towns and villages deserve a fair deal. Over the years, I have led delegations of Lincolnshire MPs in the fight for additional local funding.

"Working with the Police and Crime Commissioner, we secured extra police officers next year for Lincolnshire constabulary.

"Nationally, I welcome the Conservative commitment to the redistribution of funding away from London and towards counties like ours. Major urban centres cannot be allowed to monopolise investment.

"I will continue to fight for the very best for the area in which I live and work."

The next response comes from Mr Popple.

He said: "It is absolutely essential that we get a fairer deal for Lincolnshire. For far too long we have been overlooked and peoples' pride in our area is suffering.

"Labour will reverse the Tory decade of austerity for local government, which was voted for by our current Member of Parliament eight times, and aim to restore council spending powers to 2010 levels over the lifetime of the Parliament.

"I will fight as your MP to ensure that that happens."

The next response is from Mr Stringer.

He said: "Everyone would like to see more money allocated to Lincolnshire.Given the present situation with finances why did councillors give themselves top of the range Apple I-Pads?

"We need more money right across the board. One solution would be to make tax evasion and tax avoidance both illegal which would rain on the picnics of ten thousand accountants but provide the necessary funds.

"Regrettably without that happening I fear that we will be entering asustained downturn in the economy post Brexit and we will be lucky to hang on to the sums we get now rather than an increase."

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