What scum did this to art inspired by local children?

Graffiti on Stepping Stone bridge
Graffiti on Stepping Stone bridge
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Mindless vandals have sprawled graffiti across artwork inspired by children on a Spalding bridge.

The Free Press was notified of the attack on the Stepping Stones Bridge just over two weeks after the work by Network Rail approved artist 
Peter Barber was completed.

It covers both sides and the full length of the bridge, situated between Park Road and King’s Road, which has been notorious for attracting anti-social behaviour in the past.

Yesterday, Mr Barber was disappointed but not surprised. He said: “Everyone I spoke to was very positive about what I was doing, but they said it wouldn’t last.”

The work, part of Network Rail’s nationwide Tidy Routes campaign, was inspired by the illustrations of pupils at St Norbert’s School.

Staff at the school were this week shocked to hear the work had been vandalised. Headteacher Mrs Louise Yarnell said: “This act of graffiti on the art work on the bridge is a mindless act and it is disappointing and saddening that people feel the need to do this after the hard work of all involved in the artwork”.

A spokesperson for Network Rail said: “We are very disappointed that this beautiful artwork on the Stepping Stones bridge has been defaced, and so soon after being unveiled. We know that the schoolchildren at St Norbert’s Primary School will be saddened to see their good work so disrespected in this way. We will make sure that the bridge is cleaned and we hope that it stays that way”