What must visitors to Spalding think?

Reader's letter
Reader's letter
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How many more derelict buildings have to be sorted out. What with the Bull and Monkie, £20,000 spent so far on what?

It is still in a mess, plus that huge board from the council making it more obvious.

Each town has its eyesore, Holbeach The Chequers, Long Sutton The Bull and Sutton Bridge The Bridge Hotel.

Who is going to pay for these or is it us through council tax?

Also the notices about drinking etc are not working. They are high up on posts and completely ignored. I have seen men leaning on the rubbish bins by Lime Court drinking and then throwing cans and bottles onto the grass. If caught will they pay the fines, will they have the money?

The whole of Spalding is a disgrace with every law being ignored. I try and pick up litter most days when I walk into town. It’s very depressing to what I remember when I came to Spalding over 25 years ago.

What do visitors think I wonder?