What has happened to our town?

Reader's letter
Reader's letter
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After driving around Spalding, which has been my home for 54 years, I am shocked and appalled by the state the town and outskirts.

Along the road sides, there are bushy weeds growing, paths are full of weeds, uncut grass on verges, I could go on, but I am sure you have noticed this yourself.

Spalding has gone from being famous for its flowers and neat tidy appearance to something that resembles, some old western movie town.

It would not be surprising to see the odd tumbleweed following down the road. In this time of austerity, the world is a sad enough place to live, without living in a slum.

I hope the council do not have the nerve to send out the seasonal snotty letter asking people to trim our own hedges – they need to practice what they preach.

The current state of roads and pavements, not only looks unsightly, but poses a risk to mothers with small children and prams, elderly people with mobility vehicles and reduced mobility.

The council seems to have lost the plot. We saw an increase in community tax this year to help pay towards social care costs... most of us in this area will pay for our care costs from our homes, so we will pay twice.

It’s time the extra money raised is spent on making Spalding somewhere nice to live again. It would be so sad to see local people move away, because it appears local councils no longer care about our town.

How are we going to attract people to live in a run-down, scruffy town?