West Pinchbeck finds a voice of its own

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Martyn Glencross loves most things about the village where he lives, West Pinchbeck.

He loves its rural nature and the fact that it is quiet.

Creator of the West Pinchbeck Voice, Martyn Glencross. Photo: SG060314-115NG

Creator of the West Pinchbeck Voice, Martyn Glencross. Photo: SG060314-115NG

He and his wife Karolina have made lots of friends in the village and got involved in the parish church, St Bartholomew’s.

The couple appreciate the fact that the school their five-year-old daughter Zoë attends, St Bartholomew’s Church of England Primary School, is close to where they live in Six House Bank.

The only blot on the landscape is the village’s lack of facilities.

When they moved there five years ago from Fleet Hargate Martyn says there was a Post Office.

Unfortunately that closed within six months of them moving into the village.

Martyn says: “Really, we noticed there is nothing there. No shops, no nothing.”

Martyn and Karolina, like most other residents, have to drive a couple of miles to Pinchbeck for their nearest shops and even further for a greater choice of facilities.

Martyn has limited mobility following a car accident in which he broke his spine when he was younger, and some days is forced to use a wheelchair.

Understandably, he spends a lot of time on the Internet or pursuing his other hobby, taking photographs of local scenes – when he and Karolina, who is also his carer, are not busy.

However, an incident involving a stray dog he came close to hitting with his car spurred him into creating what he hopes will be a useful resource for everyone in West Pinchbeck.

He has set up a Facebook page called the West Pinchbeck Voice which he says is for everyone to use to share information with others.

That might be news about forthcoming events, warnings about bogus callers and burglaries, or even appeals for help when a family pet goes missing.

Luckily, Martyn’s near miss with the dog ended happily. Some young girls who witnessed it recognised the animal and so were able to return it to its owners.

Martyn imagines his page could be useful for sharing this type of information.

He said: “I thought if people were to lose their dog they have more chance of finding it if they put it on to this page.

“People can advertise local things like events or things happening in the village, such as if there were bogus callers in the area or a burglary they could warn other local people.

“They can put anything up there but I have clearly stated I won’t tolerate any abusive posts. It’s purely an informative page for the people of West Pinchbeck.”

Within a day of launch, ten people had signed up – and some were sharing pictures of their children dressed up as literary characters for World Book Day.