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Police platitudes are not enough

The vast majority of migrant workers who populate all our food production and food processing facilities here in South Lincolnshire are decent, hard working, reliable members of our community.

Unfortunately, it’s the exception that proves the rule and with these splendid workers come a few ‘wrong ‘uns’.

For several weeks now, the rural community in this area have been plagued with people who seem intent on removing anything of value from our properties, primarily metal, and selling it on for their own benefit. They appear, help themselves, then move on to the next victim.

This activity is prevalent from north of Boston to east of Wisbech and now there have been instances of dog rustling as well, which can be a devastating experience if one loses a treasured family pet.

In common with most businesses these days, many farmers have had to install CCTV systems to deal with menaces like this;additionally, there is a very effective intelligence system operating throughout this area. All evidence and ‘intel’ is regularly passed to the police to facilitate prosecution of offenders.

Unfortunately, the police really don’t seem too keen to ‘keep to their side of the bargain’ by frequently failing to deal with these offenders in an effective way, all too often releasing them citing ‘lack of evidence’

This situation in rural communities has now become intolerable and our communities are fast despairing of the police’s ability to protect them.

Meetings are frequently held and many platitudes are offered by the police, but ultimately, when cast iron evidence is provided and subsequently discarded, then the resultant frustration can easily boil over into something ugly.

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