WEEKEND WEB: Time to reflect on our business

Edward Gent
Edward Gent
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EDDY GENT is planning for the future in the quiter winter months in WORD ON THE GROUND...

Winter is a quieter time in the farming industry, we tend to have more time for reflection on the past year, the good and bad of how we have fared. This helps us to plan our strategies for the future.

Planning our aims for the future is something we have to take some time to do. It is important to think options though and move forward in the best direction both for the markets we are suppling and the environment we are living in.

This is certainly not easy and change takes time, but we must keep up with the demands of the modern society we live in or we will become out of date and unable to supply what is needed, especially at the moment with the direction of government policy so obviously up for debate.

There are many different views and ideas out there - this will take a little time to settle down into a workable practical policy, after which we should hopefully have some direction for the future.

I think farmers should then work together to encourage new ideas and support the younger generations to come forward to allow us to achieve the goals required by the markets as well as government policy.

In these uncertain times, we should be looking to diversify our businesses, get better at marketing our produce and spreading our costs.

I feel we will get on better with these changes working together to achieve a modern sustainable farming system.