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GAVIN MILLER takes a look at the latest sporty gaming releases.

What can be said about the greatest footballing game out there?

In the past couple of years, it has undoubtedly overtaken FIFA to regain its crown with simply the best gameplay available, which has been finely-tuned with strategic dribbling, full body control and improved set pieces – within a newly refined realistic gaming pace.

With enhanced visuals, improved features and presentation – including overhauled transfer system and more lifelike player models – and the addition of former global superstar David Beckham as the icing on the cake for the game’s ‘Where Legends Are Made’ moniker, football has evolved to a simply breathtaking standard.

Rating: 5/5

And if PES is the ultimate football game – then this hits a massive ‘slam dunk’ when it comes to the basketball equivalent.

It doesn’t quite reach the heights of last year’s version, but just like cover star Kyrie Irving – who’s A-list move from Cleveland Cavs to Boston Celtics is included on the roster – it’s still ‘nothing but net’ when it shoots from downtown.

The addition of micro-transactions lose the game a mark – because it really is wholly unnecessary.

But everything else, from a new motion player engine and impressive career modes, still makes this NBA’s elite ‘hoops’ gaming title.

Rating: 4/5