WEEKEND WEB: Street drinking figures go down

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We look back at the Lincs Free Press of 100 years ago this week...

The annual South Holland Licensing Sessions were held at Spalding and a drop in street drunkeness was reported.

Supt Burton presented his annual report to the Bench.

“I have the honour to report for your information that there are in this division 147 alehouses and 75 beerhouses, six beerhouses for the sale off the premises and 12 houses for the sale of wine and spirirts in bottles, making a total of 270 licensed houses.

The licences of 15 alrehouses and beerhouses have been transferred during 1917. One licensed holder was proceded against and convicted for the following offence - ‘Permitting drunkeness’.

During the year, there have been 23 proceedings and 22 convictions for drunkeness: 16 males and four females have been convicted once each; one male has been convicted twice. eleven of the persons convicted were residents in the Division and 10 were non-residents.

The convictions were as follows: Drunk simple: six males and one female; drunk and disorderly: six males and two females; drunk on licensed premises: three males and one female; drunk in charge of horses: three males.

The number of convictions for drunkeness and offences against licensed persons for the past six years: drunkeness in 1912 - 336; 1913 - 422; 1914 - 304; 1915 - 196; 1916 - 94; 1917 - 22.

Licensed persons convicted in 1912 - 3; 1913 - 2; 1914 - 11; 1915 - 3; 1916 - 4 and 1917 - 1.

The chairman said the Bench should congratulate the Superintendent on the report.

Supt Burton said there certainly was an improvement on previous years.

The chairman added there might be some explanation in the police being fully occupied - Supt Burton said a number of former ‘clients’ were away in the Army.