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FIRST STEPS: This colourful planter and its contents cost less than �35 and was easy to put together.
FIRST STEPS: This colourful planter and its contents cost less than �35 and was easy to put together.
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OUT IN THE GARDEN: Gardening advice for the non-gardener, in association with Baytree Garden Centre, of Weston

I am no gardener but I do want to get better at gardening. I have a large garden at home which fills me with dread every time I look at it. My neighbour’s gardens all look so much better than mine.

Should you be in the same boat as me, please keep on reading. Together we might, given enough time, become competent gardeners.

I’m not sure if you dream like me of owning a gorgeous garden with beautiful planted flower beds and colourful hanging baskets. I don’t desire a Chelsea Flower Show garden, just a nice garden.

I thought to have a really good garden you needed access to closely guarded secrets that only the very gifted gardeners are allowed to know. Well it turns out all you need is the will to have a go and seek out good advice.

The best place to get this information from is your local garden centre. Now, while I admit I work for Baytree, I have the least green fingers across the entire site. You are more likely to find me buried in network cables and internet issues rather than dirt under my finger nails.

Here goes then. I thought I’d start off with something quite seasonal since I am informed that we are about to hit the basket and bedding season. I thought I would attempt a planted pot for my mum for Easter, nothing too showy but something I could be proud to say I’ve done.

I chose a fibre clay pot as they are easier to lift and move around as they are lighter than traditional ceramic pots, so I went with a slate-effect pot for just under £18.

Next I filled the pot with “Tub & Basket Compost” which cost me £4.99 but there was enough in the bag to do more.

This is where I didn’t have a clue, what to plant. Sue, Baytree’s plant manager, suggested I went for a Hebe Caledonia as she said it with give my mum all-round colour.

I chose the Hyacinths just because my mum likes them. The Primroses went in next followed by the Dwarf Daffodils or “Narcissi” if you want to impress your friends. At the back I planted some Trailing Ivy just to soften the edge of the container.

The whole thing came in at less than £35 (don’t let mum know though!).