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GAVIN MILLER looks forward to the release of the new film of Stephen King’s It

The anticipation is off the chart for this big-screen movie remake of the popular 1990 mini-series – based on Stephen King’s infamous novel – and has led to the trailer getting the most views in the first 24 hours for any film of all-time.

This production, which is refreshingly devoid of any notable A-list talent, is being targeted as a two-part horror ‘duology’ – just like the mini-series – with the first instalment going by the moniker of ‘The Losers’ Club’.

This so-called club are a group of outcasts pre-teens, who team up to fight against an immortal shape-shifting entity – usually in the guise of Bill Skarsgard’s (Atomic Blonde) terrifying Pennywise the Clown – responsible for the disappearance of children in their hometown of Derry, Maine, on America’s East Coast, in the Summer of 1989.

The gathering is led by Jaeden Lieberher’s Bill Densbrough, who has more reason than most for revenge on Pennywise – with the monster being responsible for the death of his young brother Georgie – as he joins forces with his overweight pal Ben Hanscom (Jeremy Ray Taylor) and the only girl in the group, Sophia Lillis’ Beverly Marsh, among others, as they are forced to confront their own personal demons in the process.

With early reviews being extremely positive, it seems like director Andy Muschietti – who has got horror previous with Mama – hasn’t been clowning around.

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