WEEKEND WEB: School marks end of head’s first year in 2000

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We look back to the Spalding Guardian at the turn of the century

Proof that the new motto of Spalding’s Gleed Boys’ School was having the desired effect came at a special awards ceremony.

Echoing the motto ‘We believe we will achieve’, students, parents and teachers gathered to mark the end of head Betty Hasler’s first year.

Pictured are award winners Anthony Briggs, William Tyrrell and Sam Tyrrell.

Nichola’s 18th on New Year’s Day 2000

Nichola Gray welcomed in her 18th birthday with thousands of people - seeing in the new millennium in London’ Trafalgar Square.

Nichola, who was born at Spalding’s Johnson Hospital on New Year’s Day 1982, was chauffeured to London by her boyfriend.

She said: “I didn’t drink. They were charging £4-8 per can of lager.”