WEEKEND WEB: Rationing cards handed out by busy committee

Private B Lambert, from Deeping St Nicholas, lost his life
Private B Lambert, from Deeping St Nicholas, lost his life
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We look back at the Lincs Free Press this week 100 years ago.

The Spalding Urban Food Committee had an extremely busy week and worked hard in handing out Rationing Cards.

In a short amount of time, 2,200 local households had been posted and supplied with their cards.

Along with these cards, Supplementary Rations were set to be put in place for heavy workers.

As soon as supplies were available, a supplementary ration (of all meat other than butcher’s meat and pork) was allowed in the form of a Meat Card.

For those on the go, a Traveller’s Meat Card was supplied, which allowed any kind of meat.

But if the owner of the ration card stopped travelling, the card would quickly be swapped out for an ordinary meat one.

Butter and margarine cards were also issued around this time.

However, these foods could only be obtained from the registered dealers themselves, meaning that the farmer supplying the butter and margarine had to be registered as the shopkeeper.

The Spalding Urban Food Committee thanked the mnay volunteers, who helped to reduce the pressure of handing out cards and the executive officer was also extremely thankful for the assistance.

Butter remained on ration until 1920, as it was still in short supply.