WEEKEND WEB: Migrants are actually keeping many locals in jobs

Grower Sue Lamb
Grower Sue Lamb
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GROWERS: By Pinchbeck flower grower Sue Lamb

Autumn soon creeps up on us once we change the clocks, dark night and cold mornings, all a bit of a shock to the system.

Another week and most of the British flower season will end. At the moment we are busy planting tulips and cropping should start in a month’s time. Getting spring flowers before Christmas always makes me smile.

For indoor growers like ourselves this is when we have to increase our workforce which is proving more difficult as time goes on.

I think we need a fresh approach. Schools are ill aware of the jobs/careers available within horticulture, parents are unaware of how the industry has changed over the last 15 years, how hi-tech it has become, how much innovation has evolved and continues to do so.

The idea the migrant takes the locals job is a ridiculous argument, in fact it is more the migrant keeps so many of the businesses going which keeps the locals in a job.

In turn this helps the local economy to thrive. We need to embrace each other for industries to survive, technology and machines can only do so much but this industry is hungry for people, good people, not just numbers.