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Jo Esdale of Essential Well-Being
Jo Esdale of Essential Well-Being
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HEALTH AND WELLBEING: With beauty and wellbeing expert Jo Esdale

My clients are constantly looking for new and innovative treatments to improve their skin health and complexion.

Twelve months ago I introduced an LED Light Therapy machine and use it daily helping my clients with a variety of skin conditions and concerns.

LED coloured Light Phototherapy offers many benefits, delivering maximum results and has fast become one of the most popular treatments available today, used by celebrities.

So how does it work?

The light waves stimulate the basic energy processes in the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the energy components of each cell which uses oxygen in the production of energy (ATP). The light absorption increases the production of ATP, the cells absorb specific nutrients becoming healthier and stronger.

Treatments can be performed on a wide range of skin imperfections and conditions such as acne, scarring, Rosacea, ageing, hyperpigmentation sensitivity and inflammation.


Red light has been proven to rejuvenate the skin and trigger the repair mechanisms to reduce inflammation and diminish the signs of ageing. The red light opens pores, aids hydration, helps to eliminate toxins and accelerates healing and is ideal for mature skin conditions.

Blue LED

Blue light has been proven to normalise oil production, eliminate toxins and destroy the P Acne bacteria. Blue light also provides a soothing, calming, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory property.

Green LED

Green light helps to even out the complexion by reducing pigmentation.

Yellow LED

Yellow light is renowned for detoxifying, tightening and toning.

It encourages healing and rejuvenation targeting visible signs of ageing.

For maximum results I provide bespoke skin treatments combining LED Light Therapy with other electro therapy devices such as radio frequency and micro-current.

If you are concerned about skin ageing, lines and wrinkles or you have a skin condition that you are concerned about please contact me at my clinic on 01775 249425.