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More people now pay online.
More people now pay online.
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CABINET CALL: A weekly column written by members of South Holland District Council’s Cabinet. This week with: COUN MALCOLM CHANDLER

Earlier this year the council launched its ‘More Ways to Pay’ initiative, making paying for council services quicker, easier and more varied with payment available locally to where we all live. 

Residents and businesses can now pay for services at Post Offices and PayPoint stations at more than 30 locations across the district, as well as paying online and by direct debit. 

We are now a few months into the new system and I thought I’d use this column to give you an update on how the new arrangements are working. 

Early feedback has been extremely encouraging with residents making full use of the new services.

One of the main reasons for launching the scheme was because we recognised that more and more people are paying for services online with an increasing number of people not required to make the journey into Priory Road to pay for services whilst payments by cash are becoming less popular.

Back in September 2016 there were a total of 6,608 payments made by residents making the journey to Priory Road. In September 2017, following the launch of More Ways to Pay, that figure was down to just 100, while online payments increased from 11,729 to 17,333. 

Payment being made locally has shown to be very popular with 5,035 transactions made at Post Offices and PayPoint locations across the district. 

More Ways to Pay enables residents to pay for services at locations closer to where they live, saving them time, money and effort.

The added benefit of paying online, of course, is that this can be done from any location in the country, with some payments being made from locations outside the district. 

During the changeover period help with the new system continues to be available at the Priory Road office and we will continue to have staff in reception offering face to face advice along with signage and flyers available to take away.

More Ways to Pay is part of our ongoing Moving Forward strategy and demonstrates our commitment to provide the right services at the right time and in the right way and I am pleased to see that it is popular with many residents. 

Remember, you can find details locations of Post Offices and PayPoint stations where you can pay at on the council’s website www.sholland.gov.uk


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