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We must not make same mistakes again

It is nice to see our MP John Hayes standing up for our fishing industries (Hayes in the House, April 10) – a pity he is not nearly hard enough!

There must be no new ‘deal’ with the EU over our territorial waters. We must assert our control as of right. This is important for the strategic safety of the nation.

Ted Heath (the arch villain) secretly gave away our fishing grounds as a bribe to get us into the ‘Common Market’.

We must not make the same mistake again. UKIP have not gone away – we are watching.

Richard Fairman


Chance to question Brexit ended in 2016

Alan Meekings, clearly has not read the report from Cambridge University’s Business Research Centre – ‘How The Economics Profession Got it Wrong on Brexit’ – properly (Letters, April 3).

If he had he would know that my precis comes from the report itself. I even provided the on-line link so readers could make a judgement on its content for themselves, but to help Mr Meekings, I guide him to Page 2 of the report – “There was no improvement in UK growth in per capita 
after 1973 when compared with previous decades. 
Indeed, GDP per head clearly grew more slowly after accession than it had in pre-accession decades.”

Page 5 of the report states – “We can conclude that there is no evidence that joining the EU improved the rate of economic growth in the UK.”

Now I know many Remainers struggle when evidence is presented that does not agree with their narrative of doom and gloom but the stated fact is that Britain was more prosperous before we joined the EU and membership has hindered not helped Britain’s prosperity.

And yes, the report includes a table of the many economic reports that have got their Brexit forecasting wrong – hence the title “How the Economics Profession Got it Wrong on Brexit”. 
Ultimately, I will leave it to the reader to draw their own conclusions and make their own judgements.

However, we already know from recent experience how badly the economics profession got it wrong on Brexit. None of the ‘Project Fear’ predictions by the Treasury, IMF and OECD have come to pass, in fact quite the opposite. These Remain supporting bodies have proven to be embarrassingly wrong on each and every measure possible, which is why their economic forecasts and so-called modelling cannot be taken seriously.

It is also interesting to note from the most recent polls show that the majority of those who voted remain – two thirds – respect the outcome of the referendum and accept that we are leaving the EU.

It is clear that those calling for a second referendum are confined to an ever shrinking number of malcontents who continue to whine from the side lines.

The ability to question Brexit happens ended in June 2016 when the British public, in unprecedented numbers, gave their instructions to leave the EU. It is now the duty of the Government to deliver the clean Brexit that the electorate have demanded and expect.

Craig Jackson

Vote Leave Constituency


Learn from the Warnock report

A great article (MP in split over SEND plans and transport costs, April 10). You’d think Lincolnshire County Council would learn from the Warnock report.

Jane Peck

via email