WEEKEND WEB: First female president for NFU

Sue Lamb
Sue Lamb
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SUE LAMB writes this week’s WORD ON THE GROUND column.

History was made last week when the first female president was voted into office for the National Farmers Union - a lady named Minette Batters, whom I had the pleasure of taking to Chelsea Flower Show last year.

Minette has vision for both the Ornamental sector as well as the food sector which is what is needed.

We are going through a huge period of change and we need people to think outside the box, think ‘smart’, have a new approach. We need to be putting ideas and solutions forward to secure the future of our industry, otherwise we will be at the back of the queue.

My hope is that we shall see the NFU back at Chelsea, maybe not centre stage in the grand pavilion, but showing in some capacity our fantastic products.

There is an argument we are talking to the converted at Chelsea, but done right, there is nowhere like it to get media coverage.

Now is the time to shout about how good our growers are, the high standards we grow to and the good working practices we use.

The accreditations we all go through to demonstrate full traceability, which sets us apart from many other producers in the world.

We need to link up more with health - especially mental health - to show how good food and pretty plants and flowers make people feel loved and wanted. These things are steps in making people feel better about themselves and to be positive about life.

With International Ladies day (March 8) and British Mothering Sunday (March 11) nearly upon us look for the flag when buying your flowers and plants. Support British growers whenever possible.