WEEKEND WEB: Family members get in touch about photo

Old Gedney School picture
Old Gedney School picture
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The photograph taken outside Gedney village school published in last week’s Guardian stirred up memories for one reader.

Janet Pell (79), believes the photograph, which was uncovered by Roz and Colin Stevens who are renovating the Green Man pub in the village, was taken around 1921.

Mrs Pell (79) obviously isn’t in the photograph herself, but contacted us to say she grew up at the pub, which was owned by her father, Herbert Hannah - known as Jock - and previously run by her grandfather Thomas Hannah and before that, her great-grandfather.

Janet lived at the pub until she was 20, when she married her late husband Raymond at the church “over in road” in January 1959 and moved to Weston Hills.

“We had no bathroom and buckets for a toilet at the pub,” said Mrs Pell. “And only the fire for heating, of course.

“When I got married, I moved to a bungalow which had a bathroom and a kitchen with a cooker!”

Mrs Pell’s niece, Stephanie Parker, also got in touch with us, believing Herbert Hannah - her grandfather - might be in the photograph.

Mr and Mrs Stevens found the picture hidden inside an old photo frame, while renovating the Green Man. They are planning to give a copy to the school.