WEEKEND WEB: Expecting laughs is like waiting for Christmas

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MIKEY CLARKE isn’t impressed with the dads second time around in Daddy’s Home 2.

Double the Dads – but half the laughs.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was saying how A Bad Mom’s Christmas felt like a half-hearted cash-in.

Unfortunately, the follow up to 2015’s Daddy’s Home is in the same boat.

The uninspiringly-titled Daddy’s Home 2 shares another similarity to the Bad Mom’s sequel in that the story focuses on the lead characters’ own parents joining them for the festive season.

But with that – just like with the aforementioned Bad Moms follow-up – so does any heart the original showed.

Since we last saw him two years ago, sensitive Brad (Will Ferrell) has become best friends with his wife’s manly ex-husband, Dusty (Mark Wahlberg).

So close, in fact, the duo decide that the families have to spend Christmas together.

Just when it seems like nothing is stirring (not even a mouse), cue the grandparents.

There’s the flamboyant Don (John Lithgow), the father of Brad and beloved Step-Grandad to Dusty’s two children. Then there’s Dusty’s mean-spirited womanising Dad Kurt (Mel Gibson).

Throughout, I kept thinking ‘something is about to happen to drive the story forward’ – but it doesn’t.

And even though most Will Ferrell films don’t have massive plotlines, he is one of my movie ‘guilty pleasures’ and usually I get where he’s coming from in his movies – but even he can’t save this.

A simple story is forgivable when the jokes are funny, but other than a small handful of gags, they just aren’t in a plentiful supply.

The humour is simply too cruel/crude for it’s aimed market and often falls flat – leading to uncomfortable viewing instead of its intended hilarity.

This is not the tone you’d expect from any Ferrell or festive film – which should be more family friendly.

As Peter Kay would say, you need to have a bit of ‘blue’ for the Dads – but this isn’t the right kind of blue as it hits wide of the mark.

Rating: 2/5 Mikey Clarke