WEEKEND WEB: Darts players hit the target

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We look back at the Free Press this week in 1999

Efforts to bring a new £300,000 community centre to Sutton Bridge were in full swing with the running total standing at around £5,500.

Children of WestmerePrimary School were rewarded after making colourful posters showing what theywould most like to see in a community centre.

And an annual darts match raised much-needed funds for the project. The evening, at the New Inn, was won by Shaun Bidwell, with Jackie Kilburn runner-up.

Fast start to married life

It was a case of congratulations to the bride and vroom at Fleet’s St Mary Magdalene church.

The wedding of Hocklesgate couple Roy Bearman and Lorna Allen raised more than a few eyebrows in the village - they had 19 chrome-polished motorbikes, five motorised trikes and a band of leather-clad riders in attendance.

Roy (36)arrived with an escort ofbikers on his Kawasaki, while Laura chose a more conventional Jaguar for her arrival.