WEEKEND WEB: Can you give this beautiful girl a loving home?

Dog of the Week Charley
Dog of the Week Charley
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MAN’S BEST FRIEND: A weekly column from the South Lincs Centre of Jerry Green Dog Rescue

Hey guys, I’m Charley! My friends here at Jerry Green say that I am super excited all the time and would love an active home that would be able to keep me busy.

One of the Pooper Scoopas

One of the Pooper Scoopas

I love the outdoors. Getting to go out on lots of walks and getting to sniff around in the grass is just the best thing in the world.

I do take a little while to settle once in the home so I am looking for a home that can help me settle and give me plenty of exercise and playtime.

I do need experienced owners and I am looking to be the only pet in the home as I find it quite overwhelming in a busy home.

Although I am quite a busy little girl I would prefer a calm, quiet home environment where adopters can help me settle and give me positive training to help me with the basics.

I’ve not quite got the house training element sorted yet, but I’m sure with some guidance I will get it soon. I do feel an adult home is best for me as I can get quite over-excited.

• Can you believe the generosity of some people?

The South Lincs centre have had an amazing donation of around 42,000 poo bags from Plevin this week. We are so grateful for all donations we receive as this really helps the dogs in our care!

We would like to send a very big thank you to them for supporting us!


Enrichment can help to work your dog’s brain and can be particularly useful for dogs recovering from operations or those who aren’t able to have a lot of physical exercise.

Such enrichment can include activity boxes, scatter feeding, find the sweetie games, and a variety of hollow chew toys and objects filled with delicious food. There are lots of enrichment toys on the market, such as treat balls, but why not give making your own a go?

Here are few guides for making your own enrichment:

Activity boxes

Save all of your cardboard boxes – put chews, treats and maybe the odd toy in these. You could also try wrapping treats in newspaper to make the game extra fun for your dog.

Save your toilet paper and kitchen rolls

These hollow tubes are the perfect shape for treat stuffing – try putting newspaper at each end to make the treats trickier to get.

Scatter feed treats/your dog’s kibble over the floor

Hide food and treats around your home and garden and watch your dog’s nose in action!

In multi-dog households, avoid playing scatter games unless you are certain that the dogs get on absolutely perfectly around food to avoid tiffs. Use different rooms or take it in turns to scatter food in the garden to stay safe.


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