WEEKEND WEB: Bitter taste of punishment for sugar snatchers

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We look back 100 years to the First World War and this week’s Lincolnshire Free Press.

Three prosecutions for persons securing sugar for preserving fruit not grown by themselves were heard at Spalding Police Court.

The defendants were William Woodham and E A Stevenson, both of Winsover Road, Spalding, and H A Hogg, of Bourne Road, Spalding.

Supt Bruton explained the order and said in each of the three cases, the defendants had no fruit trees and therefore did not grown the fruit as demanded by the regulations.

Woodham said fruit had been plentiful that year and he had a large quantity given to him. The fruit was grown in his daughter’s garden.

Stevenson said he too had a large family and had a large quantity of fruit given to him.

He certainly obtained the sugar for preserving and used all of it for that purpose, considering that providing jam for his children was helping to save the food of the nation.

Mrs Hogg said ever since her mother died, she had had the use of her garden and it was there that fruit was grown. She had always looked on this fruit as her own.

The chairman said that there were hundreds of people who wanted sugar, but who conscientiously could not state the fruit was grown by themselves and so did not get an allocation.

A fine of £1 was ordered against each defendant.

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