WEATHER: Still a danger despite cloud

More hot waether is predicted this weekend.
More hot waether is predicted this weekend.
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South Lincolnshire residents are being advised to remain careful in the heat despite rain and cloud cover this weekend, as Lincolnshire County Council issues its top six sun tips for keeping children and the elderly safe.

Temperatures are expected to remain high over the weekend with the council’s public health team highlighting that significant UV rays can still penetrate clouds and can also get through wet clothing more than dry.

To avoid your fun in the sun being spoiled, be aware of these top tips.

Children and babies:

* Remember Slip, Slap Slop, Seek, Slide: Slip on loose cotton clothing to cover skin; Slip on a hat; Slop on factor 15 sunscreen or higher; Seek shade and Slide on sunglasses.

* Make sure babies, especially under six months, stay out of direct sunlight at peak times and remain hydrated by giving them water to drink as well as milk.

* Ensure that babies and children are not left alone in stationary cars.

* Be aware of symptoms of heat exhaustion – they include dizziness, vomiting, confusion, headache or intense thirst. If a child experiences symptoms, ensure they rest immediately in a cool place and drink plenty of water. If symptoms persist or worsen, call a doctor or 111. If you are concerned that the child has severe symptoms, call 999.

* Do not use out of date sunscreens or any which have been kept in direct sunlight as the active protective ingredients may have deteriorated.

* Wet clothes let through more UV light than dry clothes, so have fun if playing in pools but have some spare clothes on hand.

The elderly:

* Increase checks on vulnerable people and monitor the temperature in the room, keeping it below 26°C.

* Be aware that plastic pads and mattresses can be particularly hot during a heatwave.

* Avoid caffeine (coffee, tea, colas), very sweet drinks and alcohol as they make dehydration worse. Ensure they drink plenty of cold water and that ice is available.

* Store medicines in a cool place.

* Turn off unnecessary lights and equipment that may generate additional heat.

* Be aware that some conditions may be exacerbated during high temperatures and some medications can also increase risk in susceptible individuals. Seek medical advice if you have any concerns.

Further tips for everyone on staying safe in the heat are at