We will remember them

Remembrance in Spalding last year
Remembrance in Spalding last year
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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Rev Adrian Mason, Mid-Elloe Anglican Parishes

Remember, remember the fifth of November

Gunpowder, treason and plot………

This little ditty was written about Guy Fawkes and his cronies and their attempt to depose the government.

However, for many of us, all of November is now the month of remembrance.

In the Christian Church calendar we start the month with All Saints’ Day, a day on which we can remember all of those saintly people gone before who are not otherwise specifically recognised. This is followed by All Souls’ Day when we have a chance to remember those we have known and loved who have died and whose memory we treasure.

November 5 is now fireworks day or bonfire night. Some will remember fully the reason for this. Others will just enjoy a good display and a party and maybe raise some funds for a good cause.

Today we as a country remember those who have died in war, on Remembrance Sunday, close to November 11.

Some would prefer not to remember. I believe that we should remember out of respect for people and events of the past and to move towards healing any hurt of memories, individually and together.

We will remember them.

Rev Adrian Mason

Mid-Elloe Anglican Parishes