We really miss bulldozed cinema and town is ready for new one

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When I first knew Spalding there was a cinema which I used to travel to from Boston on a Sunday night, even though Boston had two cinemas, the Regal and the Odeon.

Spalding had a better choice of films, that’s why I came. The cinema should not have been pulled down.

Spalding needs a new cinema for the new influx of people we have. We need to grow Spalding, not turn down this fantastic offer of building a new cinema.

The council will not be happy because of the cinema at the South Holland Centre but, like every business, it will have to compete.

My favoured site for a new cinema would be the old Bull and Monkie pub. There is plenty of land and it is near the town centre.

Another good site would be the former Royal Mail sorting office in The Crescent. The only problem with that site is parking.

What entertainment have we got in Spalding? The South Holland Centre, pubs and one club. There you have it.

With the right films, a cinema would be packed.

I give Richard Garvie the thumbs up and I hope when it comes to the planning the council does not miss this opportunity.

Let’s get people from outside Spalding spending in Spalding.

paul woods

Thames Road