‘We’re not making South Holland District Council offices fancier and shinier’

The council offices in Priory Road.
The council offices in Priory Road.
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A bid to create a multi-agency community hub at South Holland District Council’s Spalding offices took a step forward today (Tuesday).

But some councillors are worried the public see the £2.7million provisionally set aside for the project as an attempt to make the building “fancier and shinier” rather than an opportunity to offset its running costs.

Coun Roger Gambba-Jones told the Cabinet today: “The public seem to have been given the impression this is about refurbishing the building for the ‘old guard’ for want of a better description.”

He said the plan was about making the building fit for purpose for new agencies moving in and to generate revenue for the council.

Coun Gambba-Jones said some seemed to believe “we decided the building needs to be made much fancier and shinier and more comfortable for the people who are already in it”.

Council deputy leader Coun Nick Worth said: “I can make it quite clear – this is about generating income, this is about reducing the costs of this building to the taxpayer.”

The Cabinet agreed Coun Worth, fellow deputy leader Coun Malcolm Chandler, Coun Gary Taylor and Coun Colin Johnson would work together to oversee the Priory Road Community Hub Project.

In January, Coun Worth told us the aim of the project is to create a one-stop shop of public services but work will only go ahead if rental income and the reduction of the council HQ’s running costs make it worthwhile.

He also said the £2.7million could cover possible new developments like extra screens at the South Holland Centre and new services at Ayscoughfee Hall. (Click on previous story link below for more).

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