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Gary Porter
Gary Porter
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CABINET CALL: By South Holland District Council Leader Gary Porter

Those of you on Twitter may have seen coverage recently about the Our Day initiative, which gave councils across the country a chance to promote services and give you an idea of what our officers get up to on a daily basis.

I joined in with this and tweeted about a day spent in London which coincided with my first working day in the House of Lords.

I hope this proved an interesting insight into local government and the fact that the Our Day hashtag was soon trending on Twitter as one of the most popular topics being discussed, shows that it had a positive impact.

That brings me on to what we as a council are doing to improve our online services and give residents a greater range of options when it comes to things like making payments and reporting various issues to us.

We’ve recently started our Digital Transformation programme, which is a four-year project and will see some significant beneficial changes.

Our officers will be doing the ‘heavy lifting’ to greatly improve the digital services available.

We’re going to deliver a new website which will be easy to navigate, tells you exactly what you need to know and gives you the option to ‘book and pay’ for services online.

Self-service machines will be installed in the reception area at our Priory Road offices, so that waiting in line for a few minutes becomes a thing of the past.

There will be other changes, too, and the main aim of the programme is to help us deliver better services and save money.

As you are no doubt aware, local authorities are facing some tough decisions over the coming months following the latest spending review.

At South Holland we are working to ensure that any changes have a minimal impact on residents and that we continue to deliver value for money services.

What changes would you want to make? Let me know @garyporterlga