We’re leading the way on recycling

Bin lorry design by Emily Stratton (10)
Bin lorry design by Emily Stratton (10)
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By South Holland District Council’s waste and recycling officer Laura Simpkins

Recycling in South Holland is something that all residents should be proud of.

In fact, our dry recycling rate – all things collected at the kerbside minus garden waste – is the highest in Lincolnshire.

South Holland is outperforming all districts with a rate 3-10% higher than other areas in Lincolnshire. This goes to show the dedication the district has to the cause.

To make sure everyone knows what can be recycled the waste and recycling team are trying to spread the word.

Over the past few months we have held regular road shows in local supermarkets, market stalls across the district and these articles which aim to ensure the residents are more aware of the waste and recycling team’s work.

Our waste and recycling officers will be out in the community at local events and schools in the near future. If you would like to book an event please get in contact!

Put simply the following items can be recycled in green bags:

* Tins, cans and foil

* Plastic packaging: pots, tubs, trays, bottles, carrier bags

* Paper

* Cardboard

* Mixed glass

Please remember – if in doubt, leave it out!

Things like crisp packets, tablet packets and food waste should not end up in the recycling and this could affect our recycling rate.

The waste and recycling team can be contacted on facebook www.facebook.com/SHDCWR ; twitter @SHDCWaste; via email recycling@sholland.gov.uk or by phoning 01775 761161.

Please recycle after reading.