‘We’re getting married in ...July’

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A Spalding historian will be making history this summer when he and his partner become one of the first gay couples to marry in church.

Ed Fordham and his partner of 15 years, Russell Eagling, were celebrating naming the day at the weekend.

Same-sex marriage became legal at midnight on Friday, with Peter McGraith and David Cabreza, who have been partners for 17 years, marrying at one minute past the hour at Islington Town Hall.

But Ed and Russell have decided to wait until Saturday, July 5, to marry at Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel in Hamstead.

Ed (42), a former Gosberton Clough and Risegate Primary and Spalding Grammar School pupil, proposed to Russell during a vigil outside the House of Lords when the new law allowing same-sex marriage was receiving its final reading. He said: “We’ve been together for 15 years and having been part of the campaign we decided to take a back seat and enjoy watching the celebrations rather than be one of the first couples.

“And my mother needs plenty of time to choose her hat which is, of course, a big issue.

“For now, we wish congratulations to all the lucky boys and girls who did marry and let the march of equality continue.”

Already the couple have had a lot of good wishes from friends in Spalding when the couple delivered their wedding invitations.

Ed said: “We’ve had a lot of positive response.

“It’s been friendly and real.

“This year is going to be a big first for a lot of couples’ families, too.”

Marrying at a chapel will make the day extra special. Ed said: “We both have a faith.

“I come from a Catholic tradition and Russell from the Church of England – and under the legislation for a civil partnership you are prohibited from having any religious content.

“That seemed wrong and inappropriate for us, so we are taking advantage of the religious marriage option as many generations of our families have done before us.”