We need to be very careful not to judge all people by the acts of a few

Pastor Ross Dean
Pastor Ross Dean
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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: By Pastor Ross Dean, Fleet and Sutton St James Baptist Churches

In about six weeks time, I will be heading off to Normandy again with our few surviving Normandy veterans, perhaps for the last time, to visit the battle fields of their youth, and to pay tribute to the fallen.

Remembering in war grave cemeteries, that bear testimony to the bravery and self sacrifice of soldiers, sailors and airmen, who fought for the peace that we enjoy today.

In today’s troubled world, with so many people prepared to take perilous journeys, many trying to come to Europe, where they seek a better life for their families, we need to be very careful that we do not judge all people by the acts of a few.

We need to have compassion for the needs of others, and remember that Jesus had compassion on the multitude, who he saw as sheep without a shepherd. For me, seeing the lines of people making their way across borders, and with no real idea of their final destination, draws a parallel with the multitude on whom Jesus had compassion.

Just stop and think how you would feel, if you were suddenly homeless, hungry and unsure what the future held. Would you want someone to have compassion on you? I would.