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'We must all do our bit for environment'

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In the weekly Word on the Ground column, farmer Eddy Gent talks COP26...

It's mid November and the soil conditions are still dry. A far cry from the last two autumns, but very welcome.

It is good to see fields established well and looking good going into the winter.

Eddy Gent. (11849419)
Eddy Gent. (11849419)

Following the climate change conference in Glasgow there is a lot of talk about factors affecting our environment.

It is a very complex subject and I feel will be something that will require a lot of change to make any sort of difference. The environment is warming and, with such a large, growing world population, things are going to be difficult to change.

To make any headway we must all do our bit, however small, to reduce the affect we have on the environment.

Farming is one industry that could have a big effect on the environment, mainly as we use so much of the land area to produce our products.

With changes in machinery and technology we will be able to produce crops and food using less input - be that fuel or fertiliser.

Farming is a very long term industry and changes will be gradual.

The increases in cost of products like fuel and fertiliser will concentrate peoples minds to change techniques using less of these expensive inputs.

We must however produce good crops. This is not an easy job but one that we as farmers work hard at doing all though the year.

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