‘We invited Kate and Wills along but apparently they’re too busy’

Fritha Ansell with a picture of her own 'Prince William'.
Fritha Ansell with a picture of her own 'Prince William'.
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THE bunting will be out, the union jacks flying and the guests will be decked out in their finest for the big day on April 29.

Everyone will be waiting with baited breath to see what the bride is wearing and Wills will be nervously waiting for the first sight of his new bride.

But this celebration will not be taking place in the grand setting of Westminster Abbey and the happy couple will not one day be the King and Queen of England.

Instead Spalding couple Will Dolton and Fritha Ansell will be tying the knot in front of family and friends in the rather more intimate surroundings of a village pub – with a large nod to the bigger affair happening in the country’s capital.

Fritha joked: “When we heard that Will and Kate were getting married on the same day as us, we just laughed. We had loads of texts from friends about it, especially because of the Wills thing.

“Wills may be the one that got away, but I’m going to marry my very own Prince William and we’ve had a lot of fun with the fact their wedding is on the same day.

“They get married before us, so I’ll be watching while I’m getting ready and I just hope we don’t end up wearing the same dress, else I’ll end up going in jeans and a t-shirt!”

Fritha and Will also had a laugh about sharing their big day with the royal couple with the invitations they sent out to the 60 guests for their 1pm ceremony, which read: “Due to a clash of dates our wedding will be held at The Baskervilles, Baston (not Westminster Abbey as was originally intended).

“As communications between the two parties are not going as well as was hoped at present the suggested joint reception may not be going ahead as planned.

“Realistically it may be an idea to bring your wallets with you as Kate and Will may not be providing the free bar as was hoped. But don’t panic, we will still be providing the free vol-au-vents as was to be our part of the deal.”

Fritha (38), who is a residential care officer at a children’s home, said: “We have just had so much fun with it. A friend of ours sent a letter to St James’s Palace inviting Kate and Will to our wedding and saying we did not expect them to bring a gift as they had secured a day off work for our other guests. We had a lovely reply.”

Fritha and bank manager Will (39), who have been together for almost ten years, set the date for the wedding before the Will and Kate announcement, and are now enjoying the high profile countdowns on TV.

But Fritha admits her big day is probably a little less organised than the royal ‘do’.

She said: “We are not the most organised people in the world. Will had proposed several times before and I had said yes, but then we had never got round to doing anything about it.

“Then he went down on one knee again before Christmas and we just decided to go ahead and do it this time.

“It still took a while for us to get round to doing anything – the invitations only went out in March and the evening invitations went out last week. We still haven’t sorted anything for the children to wear.

“We are definitely not as organised as Will and Kate, but they’ve probably had a bit more help than us.”

Fritha will be walked up the aisle by her dad, then given away by 13-year-old son Noah.

The couple’s sons Jasper (7) and Caleb (9), will hand the couple their rings during the ceremony.

Fritha added: “We’re really happy to be sharing our wedding day with them, and we wish them all the luck in the world to make their marriage a long and loving one.”