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Transport forum calls for bigger say on South Holland developments

A transport pressure group will ask for a say on new planning applications and schemes in South Holland in a bid to address a host of issues.

Spalding and Peterborough Transport Forum aired concerns over speeding and traffic at Saturday’s virtual meeting.

Members hope to arrange a meeting with Lincolnshire County Council’s Richard Davies - the cabinet member responsible for highways - to thrash out a number of issues, including speeding in Pinchbeck Road in particular.

George Scott, chairman of Spalding and Peterborough Transport Forum. Photo by Tim Wilson. SG121116-930TW. (47425115)
George Scott, chairman of Spalding and Peterborough Transport Forum. Photo by Tim Wilson. SG121116-930TW. (47425115)

Other concerns include traffic congestion in the town centre, a lack of markings at busy junctions, lorries using residential roads and the increase pressure of new housing developments on the toad network.

At the meeting, Jack McLean - a district councillor - suggested the forum could ask to be consulted on plans so transport issues could be raised before they become a problem.

MP Sir John Hayes told members they could play a similar role to Spalding and District Civic Society, which comments on schemes.

He said: “I think that’s a brilliant idea and maybe we should’ve thought about that years ago.”

Resident Val Gemmell said she would welcome running a survey of Spalding to address a raft of transport related concerns and said it was time to see some ‘common sense’.

She welcomed the idea of a greater voice for the forum, saying: “We want people to do something instead of just ranting about it.”

Sir John said recent examples of the county council’s ‘active travel zone’ and town centre cycle racks show why local input is needed from a transport group that knows the area.

He added: “The transport forum ought to be the heart of those kind of conversations before we get to this stage.”

The county’s highways department has come in for criticism from district councillors and residents for not raising objections to large scale housing developments.

Sir John raised this at the meeting, telling members: “Time and time again they say there’s no issues and sometimes it beggars belief.

“The county council have got to come back and do a proper analysis of what the consequences are likely to be.”

The MP also said that councillors need to think carefully about the transport implications of passing out of town developments.

He raised the prospect of further development at land near Applegreen service station off the A1175 south of Spalding as an example of a matter that begs questions and told the forum: “You have now got some suggestion that there’s going to be further development on that site - that will create traffic issues, these things are not traffic neutral.

“If you want fewer people to drive - and you want to take traffic off the road - then don’t put things around the edge of towns that they have to drive to get to.”

Forum chairman George Scott said: “We have got to look at the wider picture. People don’t want to complain after the event.”

To sign up to the forum, visit www.spaldingtransportforum.co.uk

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