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How the changing room looks now
How the changing room looks now
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CABINET CALL: By Coun Athony Casson

You may have seen that Spalding’s Castle Sports Complex has been in the local news recently, facing criticism over the state of its changing rooms.

I want to clear up a few facts about the facility because I feel that its reputation has been unfairly tarnished.

Last week I visited the Castle Field changing rooms which have been re-decorated and are now in good condition.

These works were scheduled to take place early next year but were brought forward to respond positively to recent concerns.

The changing rooms were safe and functional but were previously in poor decorative condition due to a water leak and we have asked for a report to be prepared on how they got into this condition.

I want to make it absolutely clear that SHDC takes the cleanliness and condition of the Castle Field changing rooms very seriously and we will make sure they do not fall into that condition again.

The Castle Sports swimming pool has also been on the receiving end of press criticism in recent months.

There have been complaints that the changing rooms are in a poor state and the temperature of the water is too cold.

SHDC works closely with 1Life (which operates this facility) to ensure that the changing rooms are regularly inspected and cleaned.

The pool temperature is monitored regularly to keep it within the recommended limits.

So far this year 144,877 people have visited the swimming pool and the Castle Sports staff have received a grand total of 14 complaints. They’ve also had 11 positive comments.

I think it’s worth keeping in perspective that the vast majority of customers are seemingly happy with the facility.

A very small minority have raised issues and we will continue to work with 1Life to maintain Castle Sports and make improvements where necessary.

If anyone is unhappy with conditions at Castle Sports then they should report this to staff. The team there does an excellent job and are always happy to help customers.