We asked what you thought of tractors on rush hour roads – you’re pretty sympathetic!

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Tractors on our roads are often a talking point and a question we asked on Facebook on Thursday morning received nearly 3,000 views and around 40 comments.

The question we asked was: “Should tractors be on the road during the busy 8-9 and 5-6 slots?”

Here are some selected responses:

Thelma Vedaa van Arne-Bergen: Please Mr Falmer, find a way to clean up the wheels of the tractors before you get on the road.”

Sally Twell: “It’s a rural farming community!”

Chris Truepenny: “You won’t be saying ban them when you can’t get your fresh produce.”

Beverley Hubbard: “I am a farmer’s daughter, and wholeheartedly agree that they have a job to do, but it is law that they have to pull off the road when there is a build up of traffic behind them, which in this county, very few tractor drivers do!”

Simon Stanley: “The only complaint I have is they don’t clean up the roads after they’ve been in the fields.”

Dale Seneschall: “I now it’s hard being stuck behind them but unfortunately it’s not a nine to five job.”

Jim Moulding: “It’s a minority of tractor drivers that give the rest of us a bad name. I pull over when safe to do so.”

Lorraine Evans: “Some are considerate and pull over when they can.”

Rainee Angel Bows: “Most of the tractors around here at busy times count the queues and pull in.”

Grenville Owen: “Give farmers a break... they are just trying to make a living. Let em get on with it.”

Erica Wicks: “I don’t have a problem with them being on the roads, but I DO wish they would slow down when travelling through the villages.”

Emily Francis: “You’re all moaning because you’re a little bit later to work... some of those farmers probably started at 5am and won’t finish until 8pm.”

Sam Heanes: “Most tractor drivers are nice enough to pull over but then you get the 10% that don’t and think they own the roads.”

Tracey Steele: “They don’t bother me. I’ve grown up in the countryside. Get used to it or move on.”