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South Lincolnshire's Jerry Green Dog Rescue is recruiting volunteers again

We’re pleased to announce we’re recruiting volunteers again!

Could you care for a rescue dog while they wait for their forever home to come along? We’ve opened applications for new foster families to join our Jerry Green family. To find out more or to download an application form, please visit our website or contact your local centre.

Are you handy, resourceful and love being out in the countryside? We’re also taking applications for our site maintenance volunteering positions. If you’d like to help us with our site maintenance, please get in touch with us at: 01205 260546 or email slincs@jerrygreendogs.org.uk

One of the dogs at Jerry Green (42175783)
One of the dogs at Jerry Green (42175783)

We have been receiving such high demands on our phone lines in recent months that we are also hoping to find a dedicated volunteer to help us with dealing with the several admin responsibilities on our reception.

If you are passionate about helping in a friendly environment and also able to work to your own initiative, please get in touch!

We’re hoping to open applications for our other roles soon – so please keep checking our website for updates: www.jerrygreendogs.org.uk

Training Tip: teaching your dog to ‘find it’

When you say “find it” you want your dog to use their nose to search the ground for food. It is a simple behaviour to teach and has lots of uses. Sniffing is a behaviour which can help calm your dog, and engages them both physically and mentally so is great for creating a happy, tired dog.

In an area with few distractions, have some really tasty treats ready to go in your hand. To start, toss a treat on the ground close by to you and your dog, making sure they see you toss the treat. Say “find it” and let them eat it – repeat, repeat, repeat!

The next step is to toss a treat and once you’ve said “find it” and your dog is heading over to eat the treat, drop another treat discretely on the floor.

Once your dog has eaten the first treat and is making their way back to you, say “find it” again and remain still and wait for them to find the other treat. Hopefully at this point they will start to associate the words “find it” with something good to find on the floor and begin to search the floor for the treat.

Give your dog a few seconds to find the treat on their own and if they do, toss another treat close by whilst they eat that one and say “find it” once they’ve eaten the one before. If instead at this step your dog just stares at you when you say “find it”, repeat the initial step a few more times. To end the session tell your dog “all done” – over time your dog will begin to realise this means the end of the game.

With practice, your dog will become skilled at finding treats on the floor so you can make the game harder by hiding them under furniture, behind plant pots or on low shelves to make the game more difficult – your dog will eventually become an expert at sniffing out those treats!

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