Water firm gets ready for winter

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PREPARATIONS are under way at Anglian Water in the fight against the effects of the winter weather.

The company says it has taken on 62 extra staff to find and fix leaks and spent an additional £6.8million after being inundated with problems throughout the extreme cold snap over the last two years.

Its call centre dealt with up to 2,000 calls a day as plummeting temperatures caused pipes to freeze and then leak and burst.

Paul Valleley, director of water services at Anglian Water, said: “We may not be able to predict the weather but we can prepare as best we can for whatever it throws at us.

“We’re going into winter in a very strong position, with more leakage technicians, and more repair and maintenance gangs available than at any point since 2007.

“Our priority is very simple: we will do all we can to ensure the cold weather has as little impact as possible on customers’ water supplies. Now we’re calling for action on the home front, too, so customers are as prepared as they can be.”

The extra staff will join the company at the beginning of December.

But while the company is adding to its own “winter war-chest”, it is also urging customers to do their bit to protect their homes.

Steps include insulating pipes and water tanks, especially in the loft, and fixing any dripping taps to prevent a slow build-up of water freezing and blocking pipes.

Outdoor taps, water meters and outbuildings should all be checked regularly and draughts blocked up to prevent the cold air freezing pipes indoors.

Mr Valleley added: “There’s absolutely no room for complacency when you’re talking about something as important as your household water supply.

“That’s why we’ve invested very heavily in getting ready for winter, and we’d urge customers to take action too, before the cold weather starts to bite.”